My first English post

Jianyong Chen


This is my first English post, but won’t be the last, I promise – all future posts will be written in English first from now on (may include an optional Chinese version, if I decide to make this site bilingual). Though my English is not very good yet(especially in terms of oral communication and writing skills), it won’t be always this case.

I’ve thought a lot about it, and it’s undeniable that English is the de facto universal language around this world, not Chinese. And the English-speaking world is much more extensive and innovative compared to the Chinese-speaking world for some well-known reasons(at least in my field – Computer Science, or Technology, many Chinese practitioners are fed with second-hand knowledge), so sad but true. As a person unwilling to be trapped by a single country (yeah, global citizen), I have no choice but to try to acquire English.

I’ve also attempted to learn English in depth many times, but these attempts have always ended up in vain due to my lack of strong determination and a rudimentary understanding of the truth I mentioned before. However, as I read and code more, I’m increasingly aware of the importance of English and cannot help but feel a sense of regret for not having put in more effort earlier.

As an old saying goes, the best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago, the second best time is now. Yes, there is no time like the present, I must take action now.